A beautiful GTD app for your Linux.

Tired of ugly and quirky productivity apps on Linux? You'll enjoy this. Organize your life while staying in control.

Supported Distributions

  • AppImage

  • Arch

  • Ubuntu

  • Debian

  • Fedora

Installation instructions

Enter the following commands into your terminal to install Everdo. The instructions assume the package is present at ~/Downloads.


chmod +x ~/Downloads/everdo-1.1.4-4-x86_64.AppImage && ~/Downloads/everdo-1.1.4-4-x86_64.AppImage


sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/everdo_1.1.4-4_amd64.deb
sudo apt-get install -f


sudo pacman -U ~/Downloads/everdo-1.1.4-4.pacman


sudo yum install libXScrnSaver && sudo yum localinstall ~/Downloads/everdo-1.1.4-4.x86_64.rpm

Designed for Getting Things Done®

Everdo is not a generic todo list. It's built with GTD in mind. It helps you do what is important and never miss anything.

  • Free your mind by putting stuff into inbox
  • Organize your work with projects
  • Pick relevant tasks with contexts

Your data is yours

Everdo works without a cloud. All your data is kept private on your PC in an open format.

Nice and clean design

Everdo helps you acomplish more without getting in your way. Enjoy distraction-free productivity.

Everdo Features

Everdo offers many features you'll find indispensible.

  • Tags and Contexts

    Organize your tasks and easily pick what's relevant.

  • Projects

    Keep track of the big picture and goals in your work and life.

  • Time and Energy

    Filter tasks based on available time and energy.

  • Scheduling

    Never miss what needs to be done with flexible scheduling and due dates.

  • Focus

    Mark highest priority and active tasks to keep track of them.

  • Checklists

    Every action and project can have one or more checklists.

  • Areas

    Separate life and work, or other major parts of your life.

  • Reference Items

    Capture and store information that does not requre action, but is relevant to your projects.

  • Data Import/Export

    Easily migrate data from other todo lists and productivity apps. Export your data in a variety of formats.

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