Everdo User Interface Design

Beautifully built

We think it's important for a daily todo app to be not only powerful, but also pleasant to look at. Pretty UI makes you more likely to trust the system and stick to it. Needless to say, this is good for productivity. This is why user interface design is one of the major priorities in Everdo.

No clutter, no distractions

We want the user interface to get out of the way as much as possible. Sometimes this event makes you miss some good features because they are "hidden". But we still choose this approach, because it provides a clean design, where you only see what you really need to.

Scaling to your exact preference

All monitors and eyes are different. Everdo allows you to change the UI scaling factor within a wide range, to make it fit your system just right.

Always looking to improve

We are improving the user interface all the time, based on the feedback and suggestions of users. Everdo community forum is a great place to suggest improvement to both functionality and the user interface. If you don't like how something is displayed and believe there is a better way, then please let us know!