Take control of your work and life with Everdo - the last to-do and GTD app you'll ever need.

Tired of searching for a perfect to-do/GTD app? Congrats, you've just found it! Everdo makes getting things done easy and pleasant on all platforms, with complete privacy and a ton of other benefits you can learn about on this page.

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Built specifically for GTD

GTD (Getting Things Done) by David Allen is the most successful method for productivity. Everdo has all the features to support GTD and make it easy. You don't have to bend some generic to-do list app to fit your workflow.

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Clean and nice UI

You use your GTD / todo list app dozens of times every day. This is why we believe such software should be pleasant to use, and to look at. At the same time, there should be no clutter and distractions. Everdo is just like that.

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Low-friction user experience

When you are in the flow, every second counts. Your todo app should never get in the way. We have developed features to manage actions quickly and effortlessly. Everdo eliminates point-and-click and simplifies workflow with vi-like keyboard navigation, shortcuts and inline commands.

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Data privacy and ownership

Your todo app is your second brain. By using a cloud-based service you are giving it to someone else and trusting them to keep it safe and secure. Everdo keeps all data on your devices in an open format, to ensure that you own it and always has access to it, without compromising on privacy.

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True desktop software

You shouldn't depend on an internet connection or a web browser or a cloud server running for something as fundamental as managing your tasks. Everdo is always available on your devices, no matter where you are.

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No SaaS. Pay once, use forever

We don't think that keeping your to-do list should be a "service". With Everdo, you get a solution and then use it when and how you want. It's a one-time purchase for all supported platforms and all your devices.

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You shouldn't have to move to a different app and change your workflow when you move to a different OS. Everdo works on Windows, Mac, Android (beta), iOS (beta) and the major Linux distributions.

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Flexible sync options

By default, Everdo lets you sync your devices over local network, without depending on any sync service. For more convenience, there is an optional, paid encrypted sync service. The sync service uses strong end-to-end encryption, so that your data is never stored in a readable form on computers you don't own.

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Support that listens (and knows)

If anything goes wrong, or you have questions, you can quickly get help and insight straight from technical staff!

Interactive development

You can influence how the app evolves over time (as long as it fits the vision). All feedback is encouraged and all suggestions are given consideration. Help us make the best product for you to enjoy!

Product with a vision

We really want to create a better product by focusing on user experience, data privacy and good design. We want Everdo to be a tool to simplify your life, while keeping you in control - the one app you can finally stick to. And the last you'll ever need.

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Evaluate for free

We want you to be completely satisfied with the product. This is why you can try Everdo for free with some reasonable limits. All features are working without the Pro key. Upgrading is easy once you make up your mind - just purchase and add a product key.

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