How Everdo Stores Data and Achieves Maximum Privacy

With Everdo, you own and store your data

Once you install Everdo, it creates a local database for your data. That data never leaves your computer, which guarantees total privacy.

Why is local storage important?

Because your personal productivity system is meant to be somewhat like an extension of your brain. We think it makes sense to avoid uploading such sensitive data to another party if possible.

When it comes to cloud-based apps, they typically store data on third-party servers in clear-text, unencrypted form. This is necessary in order to provide a seamless experience. Furthermore, some features like search are impossible to conduct on encrypted data. All this creates an additional unnecessary risk for the privacy of your data.

Every item you create is stored indefinitely

Everdo does not delete your actions and projects, except when you clean up the Trash list yourself. This means you'll be able to look up anything you did at some point in the past.

Everdo uses SQLite database technology

SQLite is an open-source file-based database format. This makes your data always available and open to you, so you can do whatever you want with it:

  • Query the data
  • Export the data
  • Backup the database file

You can learn about the database schema and location in the Everdo user manual.