Everdo Mission and Values

As you probably know, there are many apps that can be used for GTD (Getting Things Done). But still, we chose to build another one. This post explains why we did, and what you can expect from Everdo in the long run.

The only GTD app you will ever need

This is our goal.

We want Everdo to be a GTD solution you can finally stick to. We want our users to have a productivity tool they trust and will never want to leave.

Core values

Now let's introduce the values that drive the development of Everdo. The reason Everdo exists is because we think no other app focuses on them enough.

Low-friction user experience

We want Everdo to help you get things done without requiring effort or creating distractions. Capturing, organizing and completing tasks should be a pleasure, not a chore. Everdo does not require perfect GTD knowledge to get organized and productive.

Here are some examples of what we mean by low friction:

  • Instant task capture
  • Keyboard shortcuts for common operations and workflows
  • Easy navigation
  • No complex forms forms
  • No required fields
  • Concise design with no distractions

With Everdo your data is private

As an active GTD user, you may want to keep your whole life in the system. Privacy and security of this data is crucial. Very few apps address this, but it's a primary concern for Everdo. Specifically:

  • Everdo can be used privately without any cloud
  • Everdo may only upload your tasks to the cloud for synchronization purposes in encrypted form and only if explicitly configured
  • Everdo will never upload any user data without explicit request

Future-proof solution

Once you start using Everdo, you shouldn't need to switch to a different tool.

  • Everdo will never require a login or an internet connection to function. So once you install it, you no longer depend on us to be productive
  • Everdo will not require subscription fees to be usable. We may charge for Everdo private encrypted sync in the future, but we will provide the options to sync using other means

And even if you do decide to move to something different eventually, we make it easy. You will always have access to all your data stored in an SQL database on your computer (sqlite).

Get on board!

If you have read this far, then you probably care about the same things as we do! Join us by downloading Everdo for your platform for free and subscribing to our mailing list.

All the best,
Everdo Team