Everdo Cross-Platform Support

Windows and Mac support

Everdo is tested on the latest Windows and Mac operating systems.

Android support

Everdo for Android works on 4.1 JellyBean an above.

Linux support

Everdo is built for ArchLinux, Ubuntu, and Fedora. It will likely work properly on other distros as well, but we can't test that. If something is broken, please report and we'll try to get it fixed if possible.

Several package formats are available:

  • deb
  • rpm
  • AppImage
  • pacman

It's recommended to have Ubuntu font installed on your Linux system for best UI quality.

Installing Everdo on Linux

You'll need to run a one or two commands in the terminal depending on your preferred package format:

AppImage - any distro

$ chmod +x ~/Downloads/everdo-1.1.7-x86_64.AppImage && ~/Downloads/everdo-1.1.7-x86_64.AppImage

.deb - Ubuntu, Debian

$ sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/everdo_1.1.7_amd64.deb 
$ sudo apt-get install -f

.pacman - ArchLinux

$ sudo pacman -U ~/Downloads/everdo-1.1.7.pacman

.rpm - Fedora, RHEL

$ sudo yum install libXScrnSaver
$ sudo yum localinstall ~/Downloads/everdo-1.1.7.x86_64.rpm