How Everdo Achieves Low-Friction UX

Point and click + Drag and drop everywhere to get you started

Pointing and clicking may not be the most efficient way to work, but it's great to get started and discover functionality. In Everdo, almost everything is interactive and clickable. You can use drag-and-drop to move items between lists, re-order lists, convert actions to projects, and more.

Keyboard shortcuts

Clicking is nice, but the real productivity comes from mastering the keyboard. Everdo has shorcuts for most operations, including:

  • Creating and deleting items
  • Editing attributes
  • Switching between areas

And you don't have to learn every one of them at once. Even remembering a few key commands will give you a nice boost.

Vi-like keyboard navigation

We want to make it possible to work with Everdo without using point and click at all. This is why we have added a way to move up and down the list of items with just the keyboard (j/k or arrows). With keyboard navigation, you can edit certain attributes with a single keypress, or open a full editor.

Instantaneous capture

Filling in a form just to put an item into inbox is silly. Things like that should not take more than a second. Everdo tries to optimize the most frequent use cases to take as few clicks or keypresses as possible.

Inline commands

When creating or editing an item, you can include a series of commands into it's title. This allows editing multiple attributes at once, instantaneously.