Everdo Evaluation and Upgrading

How can I try out Everdo?

When you download Everdo for your platform, you get a fully-featured version of the app with some limits. You can use the limited version for free until you decide to upgrade.

What are the limits of the free version?

All functionality (features) is there for you to evaluate. The only limits are:

  • No more than 5 active projects
  • No more than 5 active notebooks
  • No more than 2 areas

Once a project/notebook is archived, it no longer counts as Active. Someday and Completed projects do count as active, unless archived.

Can I use Everdo without upgrading?

If the limits outlined above work for you, then you can use Everdo without upgrading.

Upgrading to Pro

Go to Upgrade and create your order. Once your order is processed, you will receive a Pro Key by email within a few minutes. After you receive the key, simply add it to Everdo via the application menu.

You can use one key on all your devices

The product is licensed to you personally, so you can use Everdo with the same license key on multiple devices. Take care of your key though - it's a secret. If someone else wants to setup and use Everdo, a separate key is needed.