Android App - Open Beta

Today we are glad to announce that Everdo mobile app is almost done! Anyone can now participate in open beta testing of Everdo on Google Play.

next actions in everdo for android

The mobile app stays true to Everdo values

Everdo for Android syncs with your desktop over local network, on demand. It does so without using any cloud or requiring an internet connection. All your data is stored on your devices only.

Create and edit items on the go

You are no loger tied to your desktop. We have created a simple, intuitive interface for creating and editing items:

edit action

You can make any amount of changes to your data on the smarthone, and later sync everything to your PC. You can go without sync for any length of time on both your phone and PC.

Browse GTD lists

The navigation works the same way as on desktop, allowing you to switch GTD lists and areas easily:

app menu

Tag management

You can assign and manage tags:

assign tags create tag

Get in touch

Please report issues and suggest improvements in the comments.