Everdo Update 0.18.0 - Sequential Projects, Copy Project

Sequential Projects

A project can now be either sequential or parallel. What does this mean?

In a parallel project, next actions can be done in any order. This means that all actions will appear in the Next view:

For sequential projects all actions appear in Next view

In a sequential project, next actions must be done in a specific order, so only the topmost action will appear in the Next view:

For parallel projects one action appear in Next view

This change does not affect existing projects - they will stay parallel until you decide to change their type. Newly created projects are parallel by default.

Copy Project

It was already possible to copy actions and notes with Ctrl+drag, but now this works for projects as well.

Copying a project will clone it and all it's actions with a few exceptions. Archived actions will not be copied. Instances of scheduled tasks will not be copied.

This feature is great for projects that you perform over and over. Just create an inactive template project and copy it every time.

Copy Project

How to Download/Update

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If not:

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