Everdo 1.0.6 - CSV Export, Sync Improvements


  • CSV/Excel Export
  • Inline command for Focus
  • "Enter" will now open/edit the top item in the current view
  • Data Sync will work despite a reasonable clock difference between devices
  • Improved "Escape" key behavior in Tag Manager
  • Contexts will be hidden from navigation if there aren't any
  • Edit Areas menu item will automatically apply correct filter in Tag Manager
  • Fixed syncing issues of repeating items
  • Fixed action ordering bug in the Next list

CSV Export

This feature allow you to get all your data out in a standard Excel-readable format for the purposes of reporting and analysis.

CSV Export

Inline Command for Focus (:f)

Type :f at the end of item's title to make it focused.

"Enter" to Edit Top Item

Pressing "Enter" will now open the top-most item in the current view. This is especially useful when processing Inbox items one by one.

Tag Manager Improvements

  • Pressing "Escape" while editing a tag's title will cancel changes instead of closing the Tag Manager dialog
  • Pressing "Escape" while editing tag search, will reset the search query

Allowing Clock Difference Between Synced Devices

Data syncing no longer relies on exact computer clocks. The algorithm will work and resolve conflicts correctly even with slight time differences.