Everdo 1.0.7 - Group by Project, No due date filter


  • Added the option to group items by Project
  • Added "no due date" filter
  • Added sync API status indicator in settings
  • Fixed: "Next" actions are displayed incorrectly in the "context" view
  • Fixed: syncing issues leading to duplicated repeating items
  • Fixed: copies created when trying to rearrange items
  • Slight contrast increase in item titles and notes

Group by Project

In all lists where actions are aggregated across multiple projects, it's now possible to group action by project:

grouping next actions by project

"No Due Date" Filter

To view actions without a due date assigned, select the corresponding option in the filter bar:

show actions without a due date

API Status Indicator in Settings

This may help configure and troubleshoot network sync. If it shows "API listening", then the sync server is up and waiting for clients to initiate synchronization:

API status indicator

If there's an error status instead, it means the API server failed to initialize and you probably need to correct the IP or Port settings.

Thank You!

There has been lots of constructive feedback over email and on forum. Thanks for helping us build a better app for you. Keep it up!