Everdo 1.1.0 - Keyboard Navigation, Quick Actions

Huge usability improvements are here! Navigate with j/k or arrows. Hotkeys to complete, focus and more.


  • Keyboard navigation in item lists
  • Shortcuts for editing selected items
  • Hotkeys for switching areas

Keyboard Navigation and Quick Actions

There's now a cursor that highlights one of the items in the list . The cursor can be moved by pressing j/k as in vim, or using the regular arrow keys.

moving cursor

You can perform one of the following quick actions on the item highlighted by the cursor:

  • toggle complete: space
  • toggle focus: f
  • toggle due date: d
  • move to trash: x
  • open editor: enter

quick actions being performed to focus, set due date and complete items

Hotkeys for Switching Areas

We used to have hotkeys for "All Areas" (Shift+0) and "Unassigned" (Shift+9). Now each of the first eight areas is getting it's own hotkey from Shift+1 to Shift+8.

You can see which area gets which key by opening the area selection drop-down: area hotkeys can be seen in the area selector drop-down

In the future there will be a way to manually set a hotkey for each area. But for now the only way to do this is to change the alpabetical order of areas via renaming.

renaming areas to change order