Everdo 1.1.1 - Inline Command Improvements

This update adds several new inline commands and extends the existing ones.


  • Command to set a specific Due Date
  • Command to move to Someday/Maybe
  • Command to move to Next
  • Command to move to Scheduled and set Start Date
  • Ability to clear focus, time, energy, due date

Setting a Due Date

It's easy to set a specific due date from the keyboard. Just use one of the following command formats below:

:d 2 may
:d 2 may 2018
:d may 2
:d may 2 2018

The ability to sed due day to today or +n days is still present:

:d 5d
:d 5

Moving to Next or Someday/Maybe

Use :n to move to Next and :m for Someday/Maybe.

Moving to Scheduled and Setting a Start Date

Use :s command to move an item to Scheduled and it's start date to tomorrow.

To specify a different start date, use the same format as for due date, for example:

:s 2 May
:s May 2 2018
:s 5d

There's no support for setting up repeating rules yet.

Clearing attributes via inline commands

To remove a due date, time, energy or focus attribute, use none keyword:

:d none
:e none
:t none
:f none