Everdo 1.1.2 - Small Usability Improvements

In this week's update we get a few small usability improvements.


  • Configurable first day of week (Monday or Sunday)
  • Limiting the number of items rendered in long lists
  • Auto scroll on keyboard navigation (up / down)

Configurable First Day of Week

To configure first day of week:

  • go to Settings and enable the corresponding checkbox
  • restart Everdo

Limiting the Number of Items in Long Lists

Some lists, for example the Arhive, can accumulate hundreds of items, making them slow to load. And it's unnecessary most of the time. Instead, Everdo will now limit the number of items shown initially to one hundred. The option to display everything is given at the bottom of the list.

Auto Scroll on Keyboard Navigation

This improvement makes the item cursor behave in a more intuitive manner. Achieved by scrolling the list if items so that the cursor doesn't go below the edge of visible area.