Everdo Desktop Update 1.1.8

While we were busy with the Android app, the core Everdo app accumulated some bug fixes and improvements.

Summary of changes

  • Project progress bars
  • Convert checklists into actions
  • Copy note
  • Sidepane scrollbar hides when not being used
  • Sidepane minor layout change
  • Added in-app notifications
  • Added shortcuts for opening settings: Cmd-, or Ctrl-,
  • Fixed: moving items from Waiting now removes the contact
  • Fixed: Cmd-H behavior on Mac
  • Fixed: Dragging an item to a context no longer removes it from the original list

Project progress bars

A button that opens the project view is now also a progress bar! The progress bar takes into account the number of unfinished sub-actions and their estimated time.

The new progress bar button

Easy way to convert a checklist into actions

Any checklist can now be converted into actions in two clicks:

Converting a checklsit

Copy note or description

There was no quick way to copy note contents. Now it's easy:

Copy a note

Sidepane improvements

To reduce clutter and free up a little bit more space the sidebar was reorganized and a custom scrollbar added:

Sidepane with new scrollbar behavior

In-app notifications

Notifications make the app more responsive in cases where there would otherwise be no visual feedback:

App notifications

Stay tuned for more updates

More good things are coming. Thanks to everyone who reported issues and suggested features on the forum and over email!

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