Everdo Desktop Update 1.2.18

Summary of changes

  • Restore complete state of each list upon navigation and app restart
  • Due tomorrow filter
  • Scheduled for tomorrow section
  • Fix filter section at the top of the view (prevent scrolling)
  • Item-level contextual menu with clone item option
  • App performance improvements
  • File-based proxy server settting
  • Fixed: Drag and drop cancellation issue
  • Fixed: long item titles break item layout
  • Fixed: long tag titles break tag editor layout

Restoring the states of lists

Each list now stores it's own state and restores it appropriately. This applies to every navigation item, such as the standard lists (Inbox, Next, ...), as well as specific projects and notebooks. When switching between lists, or using back navigation shortcut, the following state elements are restored:

  • Scroll position
  • Grouping type (Default/By Project)
  • Collapsed/Expanded sections

The same settings are also restored after re-starting the app, except for scroll position.

Please note that after the update all sections will be expanded by default until you manually collapse them once.

Due tomorrow filter

Similar to Due Today, Due Tomorrow shows items due in one day or less, including ones that are already overdue.

Scheduled for tomorrow section

The scheduled list has a new sub-section that only shows items that will occur tomorrow.

Item-level contextual menu and cloning items

It's now possible to clone items using a contextual menu. The menu opens when right clicking on the left-most section of the item, to the left of the checkbox. The menu only has one function for now. More functions will be added in the future.

Performance improvements

A lot of improvements have been made to increase the speed of rendering for long lists. The responsiveness of the UI has been greatly improved, especially on large databases with 10000 or more items. Memory use has been reduced.

ESS proxy settings

It's now possible to specify a proxy server for ESS calls in Everdo configuration file. For example,

  "proxy": "http://user:password@"

App restart is required for the change to take effect. If configured correctly, the proxy setting is also displayed in ESS Settings, but it's not editable there.

Removing the .rpm binary

Unfortunately, providing packaging for Linux in so many formats seems to take up too much resources for very little benefit, if any. With this update it was decided to drop the rpm format. Please use the AppImage package instead. It's fully portable, self-contained and should work on any distribution.

In the future, the plan is to support the following distribution options on Linux

  • Ubuntu PPA
  • AUR
  • AppImage

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment.