Everdo Desktop Update 1.2.19

Summary of changes

  • Option to not repeat an action if the previous iteration has not been completed
  • Fixed: Wrong grouping of scheduled actions
  • Fixed: Collapse All shortcut on macOS
  • Fixed: Some drag and drop issues
  • Fixed: Irrelevant tags being shown in the filter section
  • Fixed: Lack of feedback on sync actions

Frequency-based repeating actions

Every time a repeating action repeats, it creates a new clone of itself, even if the preious one is still unfinished. This works well for actions that have to be done on a specific date, regardless of when the last completion was. For example, you might want to perform a monthly review at the end of every month, regardless of when you actually managed to complete the review for previous month. But for many actions it does not make sense to repeat them on rigid schedule if the previous iteration has not been competed yet.

In today's release we are introducing a new way to configure such actions. After upgrading Everdo to 1.2.19, you will be able to use the Do not repeat until the previous iteration is complete option in the repeating configuration dialog. For example, suppose you need to clean something, or water flowers every 7 days. You set up a Daily repeating action to repeat every 7 days, as usual, but also check the Do not repeat until checkbox. As a result, this action will repeat in 7 days after the last time it has been completed. In contrast, if you don't set the Do not repeat until checkbox, then the action will repeat every 7 days since the Start Date, regardless of when you actually complete each iteration.

We refer to this new type of repeating as frequency-based repeating, as opposed to schedule-based repeating.

When considering frequency-based repeating actions, it's important to understand what it means to complete them. A repeating action is considered completed if every clone action created so far is either marked done or moved to trash. Otherwise, if any incomplete clone action exists in any non-trash list, then the frequency-based repeating action will not repeat until every last clone is completed or removed.

Keep in mind that when using frequency-based repeating, your actions lose some of their visibility or reminder value. It can be easy to remove the focus flag from a repeated clone and forget about it. Then it will not be repeated again and it will not appear in focus to remind you of itself, unless you also configure a due date for the repeating action.