Everdo Desktop 1.2.2, Encrypted Sync Beta

Summary of changes

  • New sync option: encrypted sync over the Internet via ESS
  • Ability to select text without opening the editor
  • Fixed: layout breaking from long links
  • Fixed: scrolling when completing an item with space key
  • Fixed: running Everdo for the second time will focus the old window instead of opening a new one
  • Fixed: Scheduled and Archived lists now respect the first day of week setting
  • Fixed: Error when unassigning a contact
  • Multiple lesser bug fixes

Encrypted Sync Service (ESS)

Encrypted sync is a new way to sync data across your devices running Everdo. The main benefit of ESS over the standard network sync is that it works seamlessly over the Internet. It means that devices don't have to be on the same network anymore. Each device is still fully autonomous and maintains it's own offline copy of data, but they also send encrypted updates to the ESS server, which makes it possible for multiple devices to share changes in the background.

While providing convenience, ESS also addresses privacy concerns. Before being sent to ESS, the data gets encrypted with a 256-bit key, so the server never receives the data in a readable form 1. To make it possible for your devices to work with encrypted data, you will need to setup each device with the same encryption key. ESS can't do this for you, because it should not have access to your encryption key by design.

1 For practical reasons, encryption is limited to text data. This includes any text you enter manually: titles, notes, labels and so on.

Subscription and pricing details

After you sign up with ESS, a free subscription begins. It will be extended as needed for as long as the beta lasts. Once the beta period ends, ESS pricing will start at just 12EUR per year for those who choose to extend the subscription upon launch. The price will remain fixed for such accounts. The price will likely rise for new accounts.

We made sure that that it's very easy to switch back to network sync at any time, during or after the beta, if you choose. It's just a matter of setting the sync mode back to "network" on your devices.

Getting Started with ESS Beta

To get started, please refer to the steps outlined in this guide to setup Encrypted sync.

Selecting text without opening the editor

An obvious, but missing feature - you can now partially select the contents of an item and copy to the clipboard without opening the item. Copying works via keyboard shortcuts, for example Ctrl+C on Windows - there's no contextual menu. Select+middle click to paste should work on Linux systems.

Text selection