Everdo Desktop Update 1.2.6

Summary of changes

  • Keyboard shortcuts to collapse and expand item descriptions
  • Group projects and notebooks in drop-downs
  • Do not reset filters and preferences on navigation
  • Proxy settings for sync
  • Fixed: incorrect grouping by week on Sundays
  • Fixed: enter behavior in contact selection dialog
  • Fixed: sync bugs

Filters And View Preferences Will Not Reset on Navigation

The active filters will be preserved instead of being reset every time. The same applies to the grouping preferences (Default / By Project).

Keyboard Shortcuts to Collapse and Expand Items

  • [ or ] to collapse and expand a specific item
  • Alt+[ or Alt+] to collapse or expand all items in the current view

Grouped Projects and Notebooks in Drop-downs

It's become easier to distinguish between projects and notebooks when selecting a parent item:

Parent Selector

Support Proxy Server Settings for Sync

In order to specify a proxy server, create an environment variable named PROXY, for example PROXY=https://login:password@