Quick Sync(ESS) Pairing, Important Bug Fixes - Everdo Desktop Update 1.3.1

Important: Update All Devices, Including Mobile

This update contains some changes that require that you update all devices at the same time. Specifically, you should:

  • Update the desktop app to 1.3.0+
  • Update the Android app to 0.99.8+ via Google Play
  • Update the iOS app to 1.0-15+ via TestFlight.

Nothing bad will happen if some devices don't get updated, but it may cause duplication of repeated actions. The duplication can be cleared by simply removing the extra actions.

Summary of Changes

  • Fixed issues with repeating actions created in different timezones
  • Added the ability to quickly connect mobile devices to ESS via QR code scanning
  • Fixed some usability bugs with shortcuts and drag-and-drop

Quick Paring of Mobile Devices

With this update we are beginning to introduce the Quick Pairing feature that allows you to instantly configure a mobile device to sync with the ESS. If you already have a desktop app syncing with the ESS, then configuring sync on a mobile device becomes a matter of scanning a QR code in the mobile app.

This feature is currently supported in the desktop and Android apps. The iOS app will get is soon as well.

To generate a pairing QR code, open the Sync Settings dialog in the desktop app, then click Begin and follow the instructions. Everdo will generate a one-time QR code that contains your encryption key and ESS authentication token. When you scan this code in the mobile app, the app will copy and store this data to be able to sync with the ESS.

Once the code is generated, you should go to Settings->ESS Quick Pairing and scan the code. After a successful pairing, your mobile device should be fully synced with the ESS and set to sync automatically in the future.