Create Items at the Top, Bug Fixes and Improvements - Everdo Desktop Update 1.3.7

Hello! We are proud to introduce a new update for the desktop Everdo app. The update contains many bug fixes and some usability improvements.

Summary of changes

  • Added the ability to create new actions at the top of the current list (Shift+N).
  • Pressing Tab after searching will always de-focus the search bar properly to allow keyboard navigation.
  • The tag selector control has been updated and improved, fixing some of the issues.
  • Fixed: Items synced from the mobile app to the desktop app cannot be collapsed or expanded until app restart.
  • Fixed: Inline command for Time doesn't always work.
  • Fixed: High CPU use occasionally.
  • Fixed: Tags from the parent item are ignored when converting a checklist to actions.
  • Fixed: When converting a checklist to actions, the checklist order should be preserved.
  • Fixed: The item creation dialog does not save on Enter after the Tags drop-down was closed by Esc.
  • Fixed: If "Hide notes by default" is enabled, the the first attempt to expand a note doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter to open the current item doesn't work sometimes.