Set due date relative to the repeating date - Everdo 1.6.1

Summary of changes

  • Added the ability to the Due Date as an offset relative to the repeating date. This option is available in the repeating settings of an action.
  • Added a shortcut (Shift+P) to navigate to the most recently created project.
  • Added a configuration file option showMetadata to display metadata such as timestamps in the item editor.
  • Fixed: When the Waiting list is grouped by Contact, the New Item button doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Scheduler runs before sync completes when computer awakens.
  • Fixed: Crash when saving an item in a list grouped by project.
  • Fixed: Group by project doesn't always work correctly.
  • Fixed: Archiving a project should not mark deleted tasks as done.
  • Fixed: The current contact should be removed when item gets moved out of Waiting.

Please make sure to update all your devices to 1.6, including the mobile apps, before using the due date offset feature.