Everdo is a product, not a service

We think it doesn't make sense for a todo app to be a service

A user does not stand to gain anything from a service-based software model. This is why we don't use it unless necessary.

Everdo Pro is a one-time purchase

Once you got a license, you have it for life. It's a great investment for someone who is serious about their productivity workflow. Just imagine how much you would pay in subscription fees for a web-based tool over 5-10 years (assuming it's even around for that long).

What you get with Everdo Pro?

When you purchase an Everdo Pro license, we deliver to you a license key. The key allows you to personally use Everdo Pro on all your devices and operating systems, including the mobile apps.

What about app updates?

Updates (both new features and bug fixes) to the core product are freely available to all users.

What about the Encrypted Sync Service?

Everdo Pro makes it easy to sync your devices on your own, over the local netowork. For convenience we will also provide a secure and private Everdo Encrypted Sync Service (coming soon). The sync service subscription is completely optional and doesn't affect Everdo core functionality. The sync service doesn't lock you in - you can stop using it and go back to the regular network sync at any time. You can learn more about Everdo Sync options if you wish.