Everdo Update 0.13.0 - Due Date Filter, Browse all Items

New Everdo version is here. It's more stable, functional, and easier on the eyes!

Here's the summary of changes:

  • "All" view has been added
  • Due Date filter has been added
  • improved Search user experience
  • user interface contrast improvements
  • fixed sidebar resizing issues
  • repeatedly pressing "Tab" in the item editor will no longer activate the global search bar
  • all tags lists are now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation
  • fixed the issue with Due item count not updating in the left navigation panel

"All" View

Pressing the "All" button will display all items in current area. Except for the deleted and archived ones.

All View

Due Date Filter

You can now choose to filter the tasks based on the due date status:

Due Date Filter

Improved Search User Experience

The search feature introduced recently, while useful, was somewhat awkward for keyboard users. There was no way to cancel the search without using the mouse. Now it's become easy to reset the search and return back to the previous view, by pressing Esc.

Search User Experience

User Interface Contrast Improvements

There have been complaints about low contrast in some user interface areas. We have tuned contrast a bit for better legibility.

Contrast Improvements

The following parts of the user interface were affected:

  • Left-hand navigation items
  • Tags in the filter bar

How to Update

If you have subscribed to the Everdo Newsletter, then you'll get a new download link by email. Use the link to download the package for you platform and install it as usual.

If not:

  1. Request a download link for your platform here.
  2. Download and run the installer
  3. Subscribe to the newsletter using the form below ;)