Everdo Update 0.14.1 - Update Notifications, Keyboard Control Improvements

Introducing this week's update. Featuring: update notifications, improved keyboard controls and fixes for the bugs found by users.

Summary of changes:

  • Added automatic update notifications
  • Improved "Tab" support in item editor
  • Fixed duplicate tags getting created in some conditions
  • Fixed duplicate modals/confirmation windows

Update Notifications

As soon as a new update gets published, you will see a notification button in the app:

Update notification button

Clicking the button will take you to a page with download links.

Improved Tab Support in Editor

It's now possible to use "Tab" to move an item to a different list. Press "Tab" until the focus moves to the list selection buttons, then use keyboard arrow buttons to change the selection:

Tab support in editor

This is the first step in making the whole editor keyboard-accessible.

How to Download/Update

If you have subscribed to the Everdo Newsletter, then you'll get a new download link by email. Use the link to download the package for you platform and install it as usual.

If not:

  1. Request a download link for your platform here.
  2. Download and run the installer
  3. Subscribe to the newsletter using the form below ;)