Everdo 0.15.0 - Assign Items to Project

Summary of changes:

  • Assigning an item to a project or a notebook is now possible from within the item editor
  • Contexts will no longer disappear from navigation after all items are archived
  • Changing task status from "Scheduled" to "Waiting" will remove the start date.
  • Changing task status from "Waiting" to "Scheduled" will remove the waiting for contact.
  • Fixed save button not responding in some conditions
  • Fixed scheduled notes not showing up in a notebook
  • Fixed other minor issues

Assigning an Item to a Project / Notebook

It's not possible to quickly set or change Project or Notebook directly from the editor form. This helps to process capture and process items more quckly without relying on the mouse.

Assigning an item to a project or a notebook

Contexts in Navigation

Contexts used to be only visible in the navigation panel if used by at least one non-archived and non-deleted item. This meant a context would disappear as soon as all items within that context are archived or deleted. This will no longer happen. A context will remain visible if at least one item is using it regardless of the item's status.

Context don't disappear from navigation

How to Download/Update

If you have subscribed to the Everdo Newsletter, then you'll get a new download link by email. Use the link to download the package for you platform and install it as usual.

If not:

  1. Request a download link for your platform here.
  2. Download and run the installer
  3. Subscribe to the newsletter using the form below ;)