Everdo Update 0.16.0 - Modify Time/Energy and More Usability Improvements

Summary of changes:

  • ability to modify time and energy without opening the editor
  • display total time estimate of all project actions
  • you can now toggle/untoggle tag filters with a single left or right click
  • supporting clickable evernote:/// links
  • visual/styling improvements
  • fixed: time estimates for repeating items
  • fixed: completed project actions can now be deleted properly
  • fixed: newly created project actions have their current project selected in the editor

Modify Time and Energy Quickly

Often you might need to set or adjust your estimates. Doing this no longer requires opening the editor. Instead, simply click on the time/energy value and select a new one.

Modify time and energy

Total Time of All Actions

See at a glance how long a project is going to take, based on your task estimates.

Total time of actions

Un-toggle Tag Filters

Single click on a tag filter to enable/distable. Right click works as well.

Untoggle tag filters

Clickable Evernote Links

Evernote users can now link directly to their notes by using evernote:/// links in action desciprions. How to obtain evernote links.

Evernote links

Visual Improvements

We are constantly refining the visual aspects of Everdo in order to improve it's appearance and make it easier on the eyes. In this iteration we have improved the contrast of some UI elements:

  • tag borders
  • checkboxes in notes
  • sections headers in the sidebar

Visual improvements of checkboxes

How to Download/Update

If you have subscribed to the Everdo Newsletter, then you'll get a new download link by email. Use the link to download the package for you platform and install it as usual.

If not:

  1. Request a download link for your platform here.
  2. Download and run the installer
  3. Subscribe to the newsletter using the form below ;)