Everdo Update 0.17.0 - Export View as Text, Inline Commands

Summary of changes:

  • Added the ability to export/copy current view as text
  • Added inline commands for setting time, energy and due dates (beta feature)
  • Added an icon to visually distinguish repeating tasks
  • Notebooks now also shows archived notes in a separate list
  • Fixed: tags from archived items should not be included in the filters (top bar)
  • Fixed: disable drag and drop of navigation elements (projects, notebooks)
  • Minor visual improvements for legibility

Copy/Export View as Text

It's now easy to get your task list out of Everdo as text. Click the 'copy' button and the tasks will be copied to the clipboard. You can then paste the data into another application to print it, include in a report or use in any other way. This export works in any view and applies to currently visible items.

Copy view as text

Inline Commands

This is an early version of a much larger feature. Inline commands allow you to set properties of your tasks and notes directly from the items' title.

Commands need to be added at the end of the item's description to be applied. You can combine any number of commands at the same time. For instance, the following commands will set time and energy values of a task:

<item title> :e high :t 30m

Setting time and energy with inline commands

Below are more examples what's currently supported. More features are coming soon.

Set Required Energy

The energy command :e supports all available energy levels:

  • :e high or :e h
  • :e med or :e m
  • :e low or :e l

Set Time Estimate

The time command :t only works with minutes for now. So for two hours you would type :t 120m.

Set Due Date Relative to Now

The due date command :d allow to set a due date to today or to n days in the future:

  • :d will set today as the new due date
  • :d 1 will set tomorrow
  • :d 7 means in 7 days

Notebooks now Include Archived Notes

Archiving a note will no longer make it disapper. Instead it will be moved to the "archived" section of the notebook. Archived notes are visible in a notebook

A Special Icon for Repeating tasks

You can now tell which tasks are copies (instances) of a repeating item. This will only work for task instances created after the upgrade.

Repeating task icon

How to Download/Update

If you have subscribed to the Everdo Newsletter, then you'll get a new download link by email. Use the link to download the package for you platform and install it as usual.

If not:

  1. Request a download link for your platform here.
  2. Download and run the installer
  3. Subscribe to the newsletter using the form below ;)